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      Trial production publicity of Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd

      time:2021-05-20 author:Economic construction paint Number of views:
      Trial production publicity of Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd. < br / >
      Project Name: 30000 ton new industrial coating material project < br / >
      Trial production period: may 15-October 30, 2021 < br / >
      Publicity unit: Xi'an economic construction paint Co., Ltd. < br / >
      Tel: 0913-3102920 < br / >
      mail box: 595255357@qq.com

      If you have different opinions on the trial production of the project or need to reflect and report the relevant situation during the trial production of the enterprise, please contact the publicity unit.
      The snow is getting cold. Good luck to winter Lixia: temperature control is the key


      Industrial Avenue, coal chemical industry park, Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

      Telephone / Mobile / fax

      400-6698-777 / 029-84262423 / 029-84264837





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